July 5, 2021

LFN #97 – Greater Reset II Day 4 – Liberating Technology

LFN #97 – Greater Reset II Day 4 – Liberating Technology

Recorded LIVE May 25th 2021 from Buda, TX and Zihuatanejo, Mexico.

Technology – like all tools – is a double-edged sword that has the potential to spy and control, as well as empower and liberate. For day 4 of the Activation we will focus on digital communication technologies that provide encrypted methods for communicating. We will also examine tools which could finally bring about the original vision of a decentralized internet.

Day 4 speakers include….

Mike Swatek of the Web3OnlyPodcast

Colin Pape of PreSearch

Mike Winner and Jason Crowe of Qortal

Ryan Cristian, Whitney Webb, and Derrick Broze of Last American Vagabond

Ramiro Romani of Above.Agency

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