In this video John Bush shares five ways you can increase your freedom and prosperity in 2022.

He will focus on concrete actions and strategies you, your family, and community can engage in to dramatically change your life for the better.

1. Get your mind right
2. Get your money right
3. Have a plan
4. Get you some crypto!
5. Get active in the Freedom Cell Network

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In this interview, John Bush talks to Richard Grove of Autonomy and the Grand Theft World about success in relationships, business, marketing, finances, and the pursuit of truth and freedom.

Richard Grove is the founder of Autonomy and hosts the weekly Grand Theft World podcast. He is an American conceptual artist and forensic historian who is passionate about his service and wants to share his knowledge and experience he has learned over the years as an entrepreneur.

Richard is also known for being the founder of Tragedyandhope.com and host of Peace Revolution podcast.

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In this video, John Bush shares his vision for the Confederation of Freedom Cell Communities, a decentralized network of intentional communities that is self-sufficient and independent of government authority.

John also breaks down the ins and outs of "exit and build" strategy and shares why he thinks it is the most viable means of creating a free society. 

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John Bush is joined by Marjory Wildcraft of the Grow Network to discuss her upcoming FREE webinar I Can Grow Food which is coming up Saturday Oct. 23rd.
With inflation here and supply chains collapsing all around us, growing your own food has never been more important!
Marjory has the skills and knowledge to help you become food self-sufficient.
You can register for FREE here - I can Grow
They also chat about the upcoming Exit and Build Land Summit where Marjory will be presenting her experience growing food and building community in Red Rock Texas.
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In this podcast, John Bush breaks down the threat of smart cities and shares five important reasons why you should strongly consider moving to the country, buying land, and building community.

John also invites the audience to register for the FREE Exit and Build Land Acquisition and Community Development Summit coming up November 6th and 7th.

The summit will feature BIG names and experts on homesteading, law, community-building, real estate, food production, and more.

Featured speakers include Joel Salatin, Marjory Wildcraft, Jack Spirko, Cynthia Tina, Derrick Broze, Ted Rau, and many more!

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In this podcast, John Bush provides some insight as to why we should let this jab mandate accelerate our plans to exit the matrix and build a better world.
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John Bush shares the Live Free Academy Empowerment Philosophy and gives tips and strategies so you can find more freedom in your life. 

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In this podcast, John Bush shares about the Freedom Cell Network and how it can help you to find more freedom in your life.
In a world full of mandates, immunity passports, economic calamity, and growing chaos, there is a network of over 25,000 people ready and willing to work with you on creating a better life for you and a better world for ALL.
Join us! Join the Freedom Cell Network here - https://freedomcells.org
Find a local or topic specific cell on Telegram - https://t.me/FreedomCellDirectory
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In this podcast, John Bush discusses how to take control of your life in the face of lockdowns and mandates.

He will encourage people to step out of victimhood and into empowerment by recognizing that they have control over their destiny.

While he'll provide solutions for dealing with this in the now, he will encourage viewers to take steps now to lay the path so they can avoid being in these situations in the future.

Tune in to this inspirational and hard-hitting broadcast.

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In this podcast, John Bush breaks down the recent news that the FDA, through the WHO, is working towards an international ban on kraytum. (intentionally misspelled!)
The AKA has a an action alert with information on what you can do to push back - https://bit.ly/2VkqGBM
Try this plant medicine for free by going to FreeOunceof******.com. Yes, it is this ridiculous that I can't even enter the word of the plant I am talking about!!!
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