In this video John explains why we shouldn't let COVID-19 dominate our lives. If you are concerned or high risk, act accordingly, but don't avoid the good life out of fear of catching a virus that may become as common as the flu.

In this video John Bush shares why we should spend less time arguing on social media and more time building and pursuing our dreams.

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In this video, John Bush discusses the current political circus surrounding the presidential election. He gives his thoughts and insights on Trump and Biden and explains why he believes voting to be almost entirely futile. He will also talk about his views on the Libertarian Party and why direct action and agorism is a far better way to create more freedom than voting.

In this lecture recorded at the 2012 Liberty Forum in New Hampshire, John Bush juxtaposes Agenda 21, a United Nations plan to create a totalitarian world government, with Agora 21, his plan to replace the existing coercive state with a network of mutually beneficial voluntary association.

In his talk he discusses the fatal flaws of the US Constitution and the notion that a monopoly state can be compatible with individual liberty. In addition to outlining the problems we face, John offers a solution: Agorism, AKA revolutionary market anarchism.


In this podcast John Bush shares six ways you can disrupt Agenda 21/2030, The Great Reset, and the Growth of Technocracy.
These are the various vehicles the powers that wish they were are utilizing in order to create a dictatorial technocratic global government in which all humans are tracked and controlled.
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Six areas of disruption and opt out....
1. Stay in good health
2. Raise free and sovereign children
3. Become an entrepreneur / counter-economist
4. Minimize your digital footprint
5. Get out of the city
6. Build community
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In this talk John shares why spontaneous liberty fests and the growth of the Freedom Cell Network have him feeling super optimistic about the future prospects for liberty.

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Join John Bush and the Tulsa Freedom Cell at Mid-contentinal Liberty Fest as they present an introduction of the Freedom Cell Network with a focus on organizing and the benefits of the network for participants.

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In this podcast, John Bush gets down and dirty exploring the philosophical foundations of libertarianism, anarchism, voluntaryism, and agorism.

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In this podcast, John Bush share his thoughts on why after last night's debate, more Americans should be abandoning the state and instead begin pursuing self governance.

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In this important podcast, John Bush breaks down the powder keg of events that will lead to a dramatic rise in civil unrest throughout the United States of America.

From economic hardship, anxiety over covid lockdowns, riots, and the upcoming election, we are experiencing a perfect storm of factors that will no doubt lead to major chaos and political violence in the coming months.

John will share tips and strategies to ensure you and your family or crew are as safe as can be when shit inevitably hits the fan.

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